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Peon (Заблокирован) 14 ноя. 2012 в 20:22
Sign Here if you think L4D2 Needs a competive versus mode like CS:Global Offensive.
Something HAS to be done about these griefers, I cant go withought one game withought some dunce joining and either A. Run And Run, B. Hey Water, jumps into it, or C. Hey its roof lets jump off of it. I guess its easier for me to quit, but this game would really benefit from a system that punishes and bans people temporarily for leaving early and/or griefing.
You think if i start publishing hundreds of videos on youtube of how bad the problem really is, do you think any valve employee would search deep in their heart to give the people who bought l4d2 a nice christmas present?
Nah proably not, most valve employees I know are pretty cold hearted.
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In a real zombie apocalypse, some people just won't be able to cope and might actually jump off a roof just to spare their own soul and body from becoming one of the infected. Obviously they're only griefing themself...in both scenarios. IRL, they just die when they didn't have to because zombies aren't even real. In L4D you can block this person so you'll never have to play with them again. Open the Overlay and click on VIEW PLAYERS. Then select the jerk in question and go to their profile to block communication. They won't be able to join matches you're playing in and you won't ever be sent to a server they're playing on.

But really, griefers do actually add a certain dynamic to the game that would likely be present in the event of a real zombie apocalypse. You just learn to cope, you know? Would IRL zombies only attack you three at a time because one of you just jumped off a building? Nah. Braaains.
Well there is competive versus mode in mutation menu, just chose mutation for 8 players and you will find it...
Peon (Заблокирован) 16 ноя. 2012 в 15:12 
Ill have to try it out sometime,I doubt many people play it though... and I wonder where the server ban list is contained. Hopefully mysql server?
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