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RainbowDash 2012年11月13日 14時16分
steam you have malware in your system the file is called Win32:Malware-gen
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Kitsune 2012年11月13日 14時39分 
Nope, you need to stop pirating programs. As far as I know(and I know quite a few people), no one else has this piece of malware when they have clean habits and don't download programs illegally.

Anyways, guide for removing it: http://www.im-infected.com/trojan/win32malware-gen.html
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boot 2012年11月13日 14時43分 
Some anti-virus software are know for triggering false positives in some Valve's files.
Tsundere Kanojo 2012年11月13日 16時28分 
Problem with your computer and/or anti-virus software.
Marked One 2012年11月13日 17時47分 
Ignore Mokou and their jump to the piracy conclusion with all that fear mongering and mis-information in there. Clearly if you looked at their profile, it's OBVIOUS they own the game. Now to the fun details. Left 4 Dead 2 does not contain any malware, and it is likely you have one of the two things.

1. An actual trojan that is downloading and installing files into various folders to make it harder to remove

2. You had a false positive and your AV is just being wierd

Either one, go install malware bytes ( http://www.malwarebytes.org/ ) and do a FULL search in safe mode. Try Malware bytes and do a full scan first to see if it's not just a false-positive and if it detects it follow the steps it gives you. I wouldn't recommend downloading ANYTHING from the site posted on the top comment, just follow that sites directions if Malware Bytes detects it and couldn't get rid of it and don't download from the site if it tells you to. The site doesn't have a good enough reputation to trust their downloads. (http://www.mywot.com/en/scorecard/im-infected.com ).
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Lesbillionaire 2012年11月14日 3時56分 
not helpfull, but... ''im-infected.com'' i loled
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