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ACHIEVEMENT-HELP NEEDED - Bridge over trebled slaughter
Hi there, im lookin for a friendly fella, to help me get the aforementioned achievement.
If you dont have it already and want it, or if you have it and just wanna be kind and help out a fellow player just add me to your friendslist and contact me when im online.

I apreciate any helping hand :)
Naposledy upravil Lesbillionaire; 13. lis. 2012 v 4.40 dop.
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Greendog 16. lis. 2012 v 12.53 odp. 
I'm always up for helping folks out in this game. Add me if interested.
Chromalav 16. lis. 2012 v 4.24 odp. 
Considering how you still don't have this, I'll tell you how to do it without the need of others.

Start the game at the last level on Expert and MURDER YOUR LOVING BOTS WHO PUT ALL THEIR TRUST IN YOU. (they'll just slow you down) Then, change it back to easy mode

Get any adrenaline to help you move fast to avoid being mobbed (if not, run fast, jump high) and stick to a side and stay on top of cars. Start at the left and if you see any ladders, jump for them. DON'T STOP RUNNING. the Tank won't be a problem if you are still at high enough health.

Stick to sides.
Jumps from car to car.
Try to keep looking forward (when you look at a zombie, they will chase you, you are more likely to get a head start from a non moving zombie if you keep looking forward)
and what could be the most helpful advice I can offer


(If you really still need help, I'll cover you till you get to the copter and distract them.)
yeah, that kinda was my plan at the outset...
u know gettin high on adrinalin, avoidin contact with infected n ♥♥♥♥.
But chances are they will still aproach you from behind.
So itd be nice if i had a pal to cover up my ♥♥♥ and afterwards comit suicide when im
at the chopper to save time.
Maybe ill still try the one-man-only tactic first.
fanks for your support peeps!
MyHugole 19. lis. 2012 v 7.27 odp. 
Pah, You can do this in realism expert, just to know how:
- safe 1 bile for bridge finale
- buy a shotgun and a melee weapon
- run on right side till bus, throw the bile in front of You
- then go left side and run till tank
- wait what the tank is doing: if he want go left, go right side, if he want go right, go left side
- climb the truck at the wheel, not at the ladder
- then run, perhaps a teammate have a pipe he should throw it in front of Your way, but not realy needed
Thats it.
Pretty sure you can get rid of the bots via the console command and spare your stats of FF.
kill coach
kill Rochell
kill Ellis
kill Nick
Only works in single player, or if you pick local server and are lobby leader.
Naposledy upravil Hydra_360ci; 20. lis. 2012 v 6.52 dop.
Sound complicated...besides...I got it.
And it was fairly easy. Waaaay easier than described before.
All you need to do is to play the mutation "last man on earth" on easy mode.
Since there arent any comon infected to struggle with, you can simply run
through the map. You just need to watch the special infected not catching up with you,
but thats also none of a big deal since you wont encounter more then two or so, besides the tank which you can easily outrun anyways. BAM!

There needs to be like a section for stickies on this board for giving tips and helping out newbs.
Hydra_360ci 20. lis. 2012 v 12.26 odp. 
Some people like to have some meaning to the unlocking dates. Now your unlocking date only represents the time you used a mutation to get an achievement...
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