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Character won't stop rotating
Hi, I've had this bug ever since the new update to l4d2 and have no idea how to fix it, I messed with the mouse sensitivity settings, nothing changes. Character will only stop rotating if I open the menu, very hard to play, have to constantly counteract the rotating, pretty much given up. Any help greatly appreciated, thanks.
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Just...reinstall the game. Never experienced that issue myself.
I did, didn't help, from what I know I'm not alone, I saw a few topics on here about it.
Disconnect any controllers that you have plugged into your PC, for starters.
have no controllers connected or ever connected, also tried plugging in and out the mouse and other common sense stuff
I got something like that twice during 20 hours of play, Character would run forward while turning in a circle, both times it happened was on Dark Carnival, once while I was jumping on a platform, and another time, as soon as I got control of my character in a safe room. Restarting L4D2 would fix it, though. Don't know what caused, it. I suspect it was my keyboard, which is a Steelseries Shift. Thing has been giving me problems since I bought it.

Are you spinning in place, or running in a circle? If you're spinning in place my guess is you have some sort of key binding problem. As in maybe the turn left or turn right (which are useless binds for mouse and keyboard.) is binded to Scoll lock or something.
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thanks, I'll double check my bindings because I'm just spinning in place, also happened to me on dark carnival, haven't tried other levels, never occured to me that it might be the level somehow haha
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