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MiloshKeat 2012年10月30日 4時59分
Zombies = ERROR signs
i wanted to play l4d2 again and when i started the game my Zombie went insane and became error signs. I reinstalled it and nothing changed. I tried solo campaign, MP campaign and some custom maps. Look at my last screen.. Youll see....
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Drago 2012年10月30日 15時24分 
Try and remove all your addons from your addons folder and see if the problem still occurs ingame. If it doesn't occur after that, then one of your addons is the problem.

To see which addon is the problem, just place one addon in your folder at a time, until you encounter the error again. Then, you would have narrowed down the error to a specific addon.
MiloshKeat 2012年10月31日 4時02分 
Wow it worked, thank you!
Drago 2012年10月31日 5時35分 
No problem. Enjoy!
Ermac 2013年1月4日 16時35分 
So delete all addons from addon folder?
Ermac 2013年1月4日 16時35分 
frickin error zombies
MiloshKeat 2013年1月4日 19時27分 
ARCHIMOND 2013年2月18日 12時48分 
tnx it worked Milosh.. Your a god! lol
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