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Izak80 2012年10月27日上午4:21
Can i play this in co-op with my brother without other players joining?
I wonder if i can play this game in coop together with my brother without any other players joining our game. I mean, is it possible to restrict the multiplayer to only us two?
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Shlongbong 2012年10月27日上午4:24 
make a room with only friends allowed or add password to join
Shlongbong 2012年10月27日上午4:25 
forgot u can also change it from a steam server to a local server in game setup
5688 2012年10月27日上午4:41 
That is just sick. And old
Izak80 2012年10月27日下午1:28 
So can i restrict the gaming to only me and my brother?
sjy 2012年10月27日下午1:36 
yea, just make sure your game is friends only or local.
Izak80 2012年10月27日下午1:43 
How do i do that? I don't play locally though, i think, since my brother sits at the other end of town playing on his pc.
sjy 2012年10月27日下午1:47 
Invite him, he should join your game. Don't forget to change to friends only so, you won't have to worry about any randoms joining and ruining your game.
Izak80 2012年10月27日下午2:59 
How do i invite then, press backspace ingame?
sjy 2012年10月27日下午3:01 
in the looby, there should be an option called "invite friends"
Izak80 2012年10月27日下午3:11 
Ok, i get it now. i idnt have to ask actually, it was pretty simple once i started the game. when i start my own lobby though and invites a friend how do i make sure that i play from the absolute beginning of the game?
sjy 2012年10月27日下午3:12 
select chapter -_-
Izak80 2012年10月27日下午3:25 
ok ;) But lets say me andmy brother play are the other two bots then? from what i understand there are always four charaters eventhough there might be less actual players.
sjy 2012年10月27日下午3:29 
Yes 4 survivors.
Izak80 2012年10月27日下午3:35 
How does it work when we would like to stop playing, the next time we start it up does it remember where we left off or do we have to pick the chapter ourselves?
jdmn17 2012年10月27日下午6:50 
pick the chapter ourselves
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