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☆Hibikii Tachibana☆ 2012年10月16日下午12:09
Does L4D2 contain story missions from L4D?
My mate told me to get JUST left 4 dead 2, because it has both Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 story missions, is this true?
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Jnet 2012年10月16日下午12:26 
Stark 2012年10月16日下午12:26 
your mate is a bit ignorant, actually l4d1 is far better in their OWNS campaigns, l4d2 items totally breaks the atmosphere of first maps, also there is a lot more of bugs/missed audio in l4d2 ported campaigns.

Get l4d1 for the authentic experience.
Ego 2012年10月16日下午12:30 
yes all of the campaigns from Left 4 dead 1 have been ported into Left 4 dead 2 with the original characters and everything. The difference is those missions have melee weapons and the new Sepcial infected zombies added to them, which are not in the Left 4 Dead 1 version of those levels and some changes to the levels themeselfs.
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The Flying Engineer 2012年10月16日下午2:27 
If money is no object too you get both, if you can or prefer to only get one get l4d2, it has all the campagins besides 1 exclusive survival map in l4d, more weapons, and more infected. Some people say L4D is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar better. Personally im sticking with l4d2 since im poor but hey the choice is yours.
The Brown Hornet 2012年10月16日下午2:34 
you'd waist your money if you bought L4D, just get L4D2 and call it a day. People who say get 1 are saying that out of loyalty and emotional connection.
Proseidon۞ #212 is new meta 2012年10月16日下午4:35 
L4d1 has much better VS game play and game mechanics are better thought out. If all you care about is the extra maps l4d2 will suffice. Otherwise you want l4d1.
The Gunslinger 2012年10月16日下午4:35 
none play l4d1 anymore
Insane__Scout 2012年10月16日下午4:39 
Si senorita it does
octolith 2012年10月17日上午10:14 
You shuld get L4D1 too, it's awesome. I love both games, but still, I think L4D1 is better in terms of gameplay. It contains the first game's campaigns, but they are modified, so thhat you can play them again :) First grab the first one, so that you'll enjoy both :)
Nisteth 2012年10月17日下午12:15 
Yes it does. And please people, stop posting your opinions, he just wanted a yes or no.
iiPreddZzz 2012年10月17日下午2:09 
I just got the double pack becAUse i dident think they had ported the campaigns to L4D2
toolNumbr5 2012年10月17日下午2:22 
引用自 Barry Bonds -۞-
L4d1 has much better VS game play and game mechanics are better thought out. If all you care about is the extra maps l4d2 will suffice. Otherwise you want l4d1.
I would like to offer an opposite view to Barry's. I think L4D2 has a much better VS mode. L4D1 has a point system were you get points for map completion with a survivor multiplier at the end. If whole team makes it 90% of the way then all but one dies, you get a point multiplier of 1x (ie no bonus). Then the entire other team makes it 100% of the way which earns them a multiplier of 4x. This leads to lopsided games, which leads to A LOT of rage quitting. In L4D2 most of your points come from map completion with slight bonus points at the end. This leads to closer, more competitive and intense games.
☆Hibikii Tachibana☆ 2012年10月19日上午11:08 
Ok, thank you, now I know how NOT to waste my money.
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