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I am Reindeer 2012年10月13日 17時33分
Halloween update?
I think it would be pretty cool if valve made Halloween versions of the five main campaigns by adding things like pumpkins and making the daytime maps darker or something, it'd be an easy update and a spooky one!
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Thejoker(BR) 2012年10月13日 18時14分 
vish vai ser muito badass!
Francis 2012年10月15日 4時41分 
lol you are funny, valve doesn't fix bugs so you can imagine that adding new stuff is even more lazy for them.
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chris3069 2012年10月16日 6時46分 
They are at work for a workshop in the middle of THIS Month, well soon, well it's after the 15th so I think the middle is till the 20th of October
Ego 2012年10月16日 7時40分 
yeah it would be cool but they never do anything cool like that the for left 4 dead games.
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