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GitGud Shitter 2012年10月10日 9時08分
tooo many noobs around (versus)
damn, i hate public games.
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damir.bertran380 2012年10月10日 9時13分 
DreaD 2012年10月10日 11時52分 
same, its mostly still alive for me cuz i just download a few mods and custom maps from the website and play those with bots.
Doorman 2012年10月10日 15時08分 
versus or campaign? It's not too bad in campaign but versus.... so many pubstomps
Tweed 2012年10月10日 15時57分 
cry moar
GitGud Shitter 2012年10月10日 16時00分 
youre part of the problem i guess xD
Chaoster 2012年10月10日 18時05分 
Get Friends...
GitGud Shitter 2012年10月11日 1時44分 
says the one with 4 friends? trololol!

ive got some friends but its going about public games.
R'Amen<3 2012年10月11日 7時00分 
you should adapt yourself, not expect people to adapt to you....
so be a noob
GitGud Shitter 2012年10月11日 7時08分 
thats even more worse
Studier of the Finals 2012年10月12日 10時17分 
Or maybe, you're just a perfectionist who must have his 1000+ hours expectations met or you will kick the person
GitGud Shitter 2012年10月12日 10時23分 
as i said before in another thread, it isnt about the +2500 hours, you can still play like a newb then. ive just got 600, all i do is watching esl/ and other gameplay movies just to see "youve got to charge /smoke there, assist as a jockey there and spit on the charger when hes still running to the victim and ♥♥♥♥", just some simple things, like youve got to think along the whole game..... thats what the most people cant do, think along, just look around your jobplace, it isnt only in the game... its friggin everywhere.
Noble Chernobyl 2012年10月12日 22時49分 
It's called experience. Rather than crying about them failing try helping them to get better. Not everyone is as good as you.
GitGud Shitter 2012年10月13日 12時41分 
most people dont want advice and call me out! ever tried to "help" in a public game?
its a hell circle
[-SoL-]YuriBrazilU2 2012年10月13日 18時20分 
do not blame the noobs, but the trolls. there are no training for noobs in versus. in campaign, they can learn in single player. but versus? they cant.
GitGud Shitter 2012年10月14日 5時33分 
ive got all my wisdom out of versus games, i dont play campaign.... too boring
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