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Distant Memory 2012年10月8日 16時16分
Co-op Without Local or Online Connection
Is it possible to play this split screen style?
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Gallomimia 2012年10月8日 16時19分 
Are you planning to hook up two mice? or maybe a gamepad? I've never heard of any feature to have more than one player in any source engine game per computer. That would ruin sales numbers.
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Panda 2012年10月8日 17時23分 
Yeah it is possible to do split screen. I did it before with a friend. Although setting up the controllers was a mess. You need to do a few console commands.
Squalled <<trade.tf>> 2012年10月8日 17時29分 
If you can find a config that already has keybindings for a xbox controller for player 2, it should take about 5 console commands to set up.
3Mar 2012年10月19日 18時04分 
This needs to be put in a update.. Big Picture needs split screen if it wishes to replace console gaming.
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