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Wolf Bite 2012. okt. 5. @ de. 6:07
L4D2 uncut australia how will they do it?
i am wondering about the uncut version of L4D2 for australia that comes out in 2013 with the R rating does anyone know if u have to buy it again or the game just gets updated or what?
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Ash3592 2013. ápr. 17. @ de. 12:13 
I'm praying to god just for an update.
Texeon NURV 2013. ápr. 17. @ de. 1:14 
in the meant time, just download left 4 uncut off the internet as a temporary fix, it doesn't modify the game and only patches what is running, as soon as the game stops it goes back to the unmodified version, therefore not breaching valve rules, and not resulting in a vac ban.

Just google it its free, I hope I helped.
Wolf Bite 2013. ápr. 19. @ du. 6:45 
just to inform u guys this is a post i mad ages ago. In that time i actually did get left 4 uncut so i don't worrry anymore
Mr.Diddlez 2013. ápr. 20. @ de. 5:19 
Well and escuse me here mate as i'm not 100%sure about this..but i beleive the new ratings for games are going to be created i think in 2014?? i don't think they'll be creating/bringing out a better l4d2 game which just has blood and gore,etc,etc...i think it might be a update but to a certain degree so like if you bought it by credit card that means your 18+ (again im not a expert, just having a opioion here :D) and so your able to get a update for your game....again..im not certain, just having a opioion here. :D
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