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Tim Allen 2012年9月22日下午1:11
360 Controller on Mac Not working now
Not sure what happened. I have had Left 4 Dead 2 deleted from my computer for a couple of months. I think I installed Mountain Lion during that time and now when trying to use the controller with L4D2, the camera spins quickly in a circle while staring at the ground and I can't do anything. When I turn off gamepad in options, the keyboard controls and camera work fine. I also have boot camp and installed L4D2 on the windows side but the controls seem less intuitive and the default buttons are not how I'm used to. Anyway, I would prefer to play this game on my Mac side with the 360 controller. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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Braddock 2012年10月17日下午4:54 
i am with the same problem.
Sicknate 2012年10月17日下午5:05 
from what you are saying it seems as though the thumbstick axises are off, i would guess you would somehow have to recaliberate, which i unfortunately do not know how to do..
annalise.allan 2012年12月16日下午1:15 
so does this game work with lion on macs im about to download?
Vagrant 2012年12月16日下午2:02 
Try to open the Console and type "exec 360controller". See if that helps.
annalise.allan 2012年12月16日下午3:22 
Tim Allen 2012年12月29日上午11:11 
the exec 360controller command didn't work
hendawg2020 2012年12月29日下午1:56 
Can you use it on other games? Did the controller (thumbsticks) get damaged, etc? You try updating drivers for 360 controller yet?
Tim Allen 2012年12月30日上午10:44 
Thumbsticks are fine. I just used the controller on the PC side of my CPU to play LA Noire. I just updated the tattie boogie driver to most current one: .11 and still having the same problem. I tried to play portal 2 as well just now and when I try to select the controller option in the menu the game crashes. Can't find anything about that online either. I'm ready to resign to playing games on the PC side of my computer, but it would be nice to be able to play them on the Mac side.
annalise.allan 2013年1月3日上午3:03 
that helped thanks guys :)
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