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Baka Dood! 15/set/2012 às 19:24
L4D2 Servers Problem
remade thread since no one has posted a comment on how to fix this is the only way i know how to bump

on L4D2 i get start the game up but when i try to play online it keeps telling me connection fialed after 10 attempts ive had this problem for about 2 weeks now so i cant play L4D2 with any friends and this is getting annoying before this problem i would play L4D2 everyday and it worked perfectly fine i stoped playing for a few months and now i want to play again but it wont load the servers (official,best available,steam group,and even local)

What Ive Done to try to fix the problem:
Uninstalled game and removed all traces of L4D2 from my computer and reinstalled it(3 times)
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Lestat de Lioncourt 16/set/2012 às 6:56 
The same here (in Europe)...

Sometimes i can play well... But and nothing, the game disconnects... This happens as well in Left 4 Dead 1... The serves of Steam are always the same : Garbage and killing the game.
And they don´t care about it.
It is the worst server I've ever had to experience games ever and for me, the best server ever had that experience of playing was the Fifa 12 for Playstation 3... 22 players (11 to 11) in the same time in 2 teams... No chance in hell.

A very personal opinion, I just got the game Left 4 Dead on the recommendation of a friend,
I do not have many games for Pc... Real good games i play on Playstation 3... I know those exclusive games, but I do not give any importance. I am careful in my games I play.

So that is it... is a matter of waiting for better days here... We can cry at will ... They (Steam) will not do anything...

Mark my words : Next year, they will release Left 4 Dead 3 and if they continue with these servers so garbage, this game will be a floap.

Waiting anxiously for the game THE WAR Z... 250 players in one server (many others exist servers that)... Just Google it.
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Baka Dood! 16/set/2012 às 7:14 
still not a solution to my problem but at least i know why the servers are S%^! now steam/valve or whoever should fix the problems all of us are having its like buying a multiplayer game and being forced to play single player its F@#$ing stupid fix the servers for everyone or shut down the game you might as well tell me i threw my money in the garbage cause i cant play multiplayer cause thats what it feels like
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Lestat de Lioncourt 16/set/2012 às 8:04 
Sorry for not being able to help ... but that certain people should see this (Steam), do not see it...

As client and consumer, we have the right to be dissatisfied...

Speaking of bugs, lags, bad servers, etc, i will put here an interesting link with some Bugs / Glitches list...
As i said before, it´s gigantic and scary...

--- > http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1028991 < ---

The problems of bugs and errors, mostly mentioned were solved by users and not by Valve, who dedicated themselves to report and resolve the situation, then creating to help others in the future.

So for one day who have similar problems to the link mentioned, keep this link for consultation.

I'm here for 2 months now and I find it quite so many problems occurred... I do not have good things to talk about it and i will not recommend.
ßυттєя (Selling Page 1!) 10/dez/2012 às 13:58 
ugh same problem for me to i lost my link to lethal injection and cant play multi
Hydra_360ci 10/dez/2012 às 14:21 
Sounds like an IP problem to me. Or maybe a Firewall or Antivirus problem.
You don't happen to be trying to play L4D2 behind the same router on two PC's at the same time?

You'll have to do this if you are:
Baka Dood! 11/dez/2012 às 15:29 
nope 1 pc
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