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Censored Editions of L4D2 for Australians
Now that a bill has been passed in the Australian government to add 18+ rating for games I think its time Valve finally took away the censored version of l4d2 for Australians and give us the option.
I know any games that come out after September won't have censored versions however cause there is such a large number of Australians who love l4d and want to get that extra kick out of their gaming, it would be appreciated if it went under review to remove it
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as i already stated in three other similar topics, well then don't get your expectations too high just yet, it's an quite old game and Valve yes they have moved on to the next games, but recently there was a big patch for L4D2 means that L4D2 are not abandond yet, however, i do not see anykind of means of profit for Valve to patch the Aussie version also that would probablt also disturb alot of other players, who probably will feel cheated if a big patch for the aussie version comes out and alot of Europeans and Americans is probably gonna complain and demanding a new patch for the game, and then we have the rage and i think Valve wants to avoid that :). So no i do not think there is gonna be a patch that uncensors your version, but you'll never know, Valve sometimes has nice suprises :P
ได้รับการแก้ไขครั้งสุดท้ายโดย Koreansk-Dansk Ryger (-。-)y-゜゜; 15 ก.ย. 2012 @ 4:51pm
Bottom Stallion makes no sense whatsoever, you mean to tell me that Australians can atm only play with other censored Aussie's? How much of a difference in size can there be between our neutered version and the version 10yos all across the rest of the world are playing?
Not to mention that some newer games are in excess of 20-30 GB. How exactly would US or EU customers have any reason to complain if our version gets "patched" to the games' intended state which they have enjoyed all along?
Also, I'll tell you exactly the "kind of means of profit" Valve can expect if they allow AUS gamers like myself (32yo btw) to play the uncensored version. I'll (along with everyone else here who doesnt appreciate being treated like an infant) buy the game if/ when they do which I have not and will not purchase otherwise. This is due entirely to a handful of the more stupid morons in our government, not Valve.
There are ways to obtain an uncensored version for those who care enough, have the knowhow and don't mind cheating Steams' system but this wont help any Aussies who bought the censored version allready.
Whether or not Valve/ Steam have the courtesy to update our version now that our OFLC have acknowledged the fact that Australlian citizens above the age of 15 play video games, remains to be seen. Those of us who understand the level of idiocy and arrogance of the OFLCs' doctrines of (almost) old would certainly see it as a charitable gesture on their part if they did.
Who knows, Valve may make some of the money back the OFLC charged them to massacre their art if it happens.

otratroP (ถูกแบน) 8 ธ.ค. 2012 @ 11:12am 
You can bypass that with uncut patches.
It's as easy as changing a 3 digit code to play the un-cencored version however you cannot play online like this, I feel like there could be a small patch to change the cencored versions over to un-cencored and make online play available. It's honestly not as fun hearing about slashing zombies and burning them and then playing the Aussie version of corpses that vanish upon death, chainsaws just kill zombies and hardly cut them up at all, zombies don't burn they just run around flailing their arms. I'm glad that the Australian gov finally passed the bill to allow more graphic material as I'm not a child and don't need to be 'protected'. I don't know if it would take a huge amount of time and money for Valve to do something like this but the Australian L4D2 community would love them even more for it.
just put in the 510 trick and you can play with all the gore, but no achivments
And you can only play alone, that sounds fun.
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