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Resonance 11 sep 2012 om 2:25vm
Re-Release in Australia with gore?
It's my understanding that Australia has passed legislation to alow an 18+ game clasification through the senate and is currently waiting on State support. If it goes through (looking at Jan 2013) will there be a re-relaes of L4D2 un-cencored in Australia under an 18+ category, or an update for the content for gamers over 18 to include the gory graphics? For a zombie apocalypse cencored just too tame!
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Koreansk-Dansk Ryger (-。-)y-゜゜ 11 sep 2012 om 5:54vm 
Well, must really suck to be there, But you never know, it depends on if valve sees any profit in re releasing, or maybe you're lucky if it's gonna be in an update for ya guys, but then the rest of the world would complain about why did those aussies get a huge update then we don't and "That's enough im not gonna buy another vlave game they just pisses all over their customers" So i would say don't expect to much, (Or hey just order a copy from another country, that's illegal but you get gore)

Sadly i don't know enough of cencor ship since i live in Denmark and the only thing that is actually restictred by law is child pornography (Of course!) And the most basic of laws in other countries :)
Bogan 11 sep 2012 om 8:22vm 
Well I got the AU version from someone in steam trading but I live in the U.S. I found out how to bring up the gore in-case I get bored too. :D
Jarkor 11 sep 2012 om 8:25vm 
Chet Faliszek posted a while ago on the forums that if it does go through, they'll look at the options in January, rather than make any promises now.
Bogan 11 sep 2012 om 8:32vm 
Aw dangit nevermind its patched.
Athvoron 29 nov 2012 om 6:13nm 
hopefully they update the game, they can always put low gore option in settings for people who do not like it
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