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Question: Why does everyone hate Rochelle?
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I don't know but she is my favorite character
Out of all the survivors, she lacks personality, comes up with stupid puns, and she's corny
No racist comment yet? lol
Traumatized by people who spam her laugh would be my guess
Axe me a question. I dare you.
Автор сообщения: The Combat Medic
Because she is not Zoey
We are rasis, thats why.

Really she seems like a tortured woman from nigeria.
Quite simple my friend, lack of character development.
The only reason I always choose her is because her hitbox is smaller.
Because many players use it only for spamming his laugh.
I think she actually has some of the best lines. Especially BLAAARGH! People be hating cuz she aint Zoey.
She is not sexy, i love Zoey :3
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Комментарии 115 из 262
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