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TJ the HedgeScout 2013年10月7日 14時02分
CTD 407 Survivor_producer.mdl
How do i fix this?
It happened on No Mercy when i was transitioning to the 2nd part...
最近の変更はTJ the HedgeScoutが行いました; 2013年10月7日 14時23分
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Big Boss 2013年10月7日 14時23分 
try right clicking l4d2 in your steam library, then going to properties>local files>verify integrity of game cache. this usually fixes most problems.
TJ the HedgeScout 2013年10月7日 14時23分 
I did that... It didn't fix it... :(
Big Boss 2013年10月7日 14時27分 
maybe it has something to do with your addons? if you have any, that is
TJ the HedgeScout 2013年10月7日 14時34分 
The only addons i have is: Oneiros vocalizer, team stock hud version 2, improved bots simple, and painis cupcake witch
Big Boss 2013年10月7日 14時37分 
alright...try disabling them temporarily anyways, you never know.
TJ the HedgeScout 2013年10月7日 15時01分 
So far the crash only happens if i do multiplayer... :(
Not fair...
cheb. visits the dirt festival 2013年10月7日 16時47分 
I had a time where I couldn't play Death Toll or Dead Air because of Survivor_gambler.mdl.
TJ the HedgeScout 2013年10月8日 3時11分 
Does anyone have a permenant fix for it? Or do we have to wait for Vaive to patch the game?
happynaru 2013年11月4日 5時03分 
I had this error too but once I disabled Improved Bots (Simple), it no longer crash.
TJ the HedgeScout 2013年11月5日 9時30分 
happynaru の投稿を引用:
I had this error too but once I disabled Improved Bots (Simple), it no longer crash.
*sigh* I was really hoping I wouldn't have to do that if that mod is responsible
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