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Kernor 2013年10月5日上午5:12
Left 4 Dead 2 crashed
Please help! Run Left 4 dead 2 I go to the server I play 2 minutes and the game crashes without any errors tried everything and checked the cache and reinstalled and then I go to the single player game and throws an error Engine error You're likely out of OS Paged Pool Memory
Please help
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Forisban 2013年10月5日上午7:53 
try reinstalling?
Quad™ 2013年10月5日下午7:49 
Play in window mode
George Chrimson 2013年10月5日下午9:29 
Have you changed any Video Settings? Let's show your system information.
QuikDraw 2013年10月5日下午10:56 
Mine is crashing too just started today!!!!
Subotik 2013年10月6日上午7:42 
renew driver
Entity of Sin 2013年10月6日下午4:14 
I try and launch the game and all it tells me is that the Steam servers are too busy.. I don't even understand what the hell is going on..
KAMI HESTIA 2013年10月7日上午2:06 
same here
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