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L4D2DT: Left4Dead2 Drinking Thread:

Having a couple more like 6 natty lights, oh more like a case plus 12 pack:

What you people drinking?:

In between games now, I add in a Monster re-hab too:




Watching this video cos I like it:

TY Teal Pirate:


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If you get top post on page you have to slam your drink:

3 TOP pages result in a Prop 3:

Thats 3 drinks slammed in honour of LDT:
I m slamming mine as TOP poster here:


In Honour Of LDT!:
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Cool Songs By Robin Trower, Great Drinking Music, Turn It Up!:

u won t be Lolling4Long:
k finished almost all bbeers:

gonna play l4d2 now:

blood harvest in mutation l4d1 co op:
zexx11 2013年10月2日 10時25分 
k wakin up:

just picked up from food lion 1 30 pack keystone light:

time 2 get busy yo:
zexx11 2013年10月2日 10時45分 
like i say:

time to get busy:

最近の変更はzexx11が行いました; 2013年10月2日 10時46分
zexx11 2013年10月2日 10時52分 
the core of playing l4d is intensity:

its what drives me to ruin:
zexx11 2013年10月2日 22時58分 
k up now playing l4d1 co-op mutation:

l4d: check:

cig: check:

beer: check:
k im awake now:
Spam your own thread? : Check!
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