The Monopoly Guy 1. Okt. 2013 um 17:48 Uhr
What Am I Doing: Special Infected Designs
Seriously, what the heck am I doing.... anyways, whats your favourite design for each Special Infected: L4D 1 style, or sequel style (witch doesn't count as she's the same in both, and the L4D 2 exclusives obviously don't count either). Just don't go full nostalgia or anything like that.

Hunter: Both
Smoker: L4D 2
Boomer: L4D 1
Tank: L4D 1

Wow that was short
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Saint "The Rock" Peter 1. Okt. 2013 um 18:53 Uhr 
Hunter: L4D1 (actually visible, not just a blood soaked black mass)
Smoker: L4D1 (I think one tounge is quite enough thank you)
Boomer: L4D1 (what the hell is wrong with him anyways, more saggy than fat)
Tank: L4D1 (red as a bloody tomato in L4D2)
Gimmeh Jibbs! 1. Okt. 2013 um 20:05 Uhr 
All L4D. They looked grey and imposing as opposed to red and either rotting or mutated beyond plausibility. The Tank is a bad joke in L4D2.
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