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Doctor Pewtis 2013年10月1日 8時29分
What is your favourite Voice Line in this Game?
What is your favourite Voice Line of any Survivor in this Game?My is "Doctor Nick gonna fix you up" from Nick :3
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Kamfeth 2013年10月1日 11時45分 
"Virgil, What's up Brother!?"
BlackMilk 2013年10月1日 13時10分 
Don't really have a favourite, but there is one I like, mostly for the reason I hadn't heard it before. Rochelle's "this is some grim sheet we got ourselves into", which she also says in the opening sequence of the game.

I've had the game since forever but I only heard the line in the actual game itself just a few months ago! Since I never heard it before I'm guessing it's because someone was using some kind of script or whatever, to access all the vocal options for the character.

It was kind of nice hearing it in action.
remember, thou art but a man 2013年10月1日 15時01分 
Nick asks what the under the river tour will teach him,

In comes Coach:

"Uhhh... Historical ♥♥♥♥?"
Recreational Fascism 2013年10月1日 15時11分 
Look at the bright side: I'll still be handsome. (i know its from l4d but its still the best)
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Very Ape 2013年10月1日 15時12分 
I'm a one-man cheeseburger eatin' apocalypse, or however coach says it lol
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The Monopoly Guy 2013年10月1日 15時16分 
Francis: Poppin' a capin'in's ♥♥♥! (or something like that.. kinda hard to understand. you know, when someone kills a special infected..). Unless L4D 1 doesn't count, in which case.. uhh... DANGIT ALL THAT COMES TO MIND IS FRANCIS.
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remember, thou art but a man 2013年10月1日 15時33分 
We get it, Very Ape, you like the dialogue.

"I think I'd like to wear your skin as a pretty dress"
- Louis -
He actually said that, C7M3_saferoom016a initiates the conversation.
Gonzogal ∞ 2013年10月1日 16時41分 
"♥♥♥♥"-Nick =]
(ISIG) Scorpionspear77 2013年10月1日 17時29分 
There are 3: one is every "I hate..." from Francis another, from Louis, is 2 simple words: "Pills Here!", and the last is from Zoey. One word: "TAAAAAAAANNNNNKKKK!"
The Monopoly Guy 2013年10月1日 17時45分 
"All that sugar... gone to waste.." -Coach the Hungry Man
Handsome Jack's daddy kink 2013年10月1日 18時08分 
Nick's "I am breathing ♥♥♥♥ air into my lungs. It is being absorbed into my bloodstream. I am literally full of ♥♥♥♥."
ღ.:Trixie:.ღ 2013年10月1日 22時33分 
Punk ♥♥♥ island ♥♥♥♥♥!
œ 2013年10月2日 1時07分 
Ellis is that you? What the hell
xterminat0r 2013年10月2日 1時41分 
Pills Here!
Recreational Fascism 2013年10月2日 4時31分 
a man shouldn't be ridden like dat
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