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The Question 2013年9月29日 14時08分
Is anyone else having a problem with the PING
So I know I haven't played L4D2 in maybe a month, but I've never had this problem with the PING or the fact that the game just drops. Was there a new update that has major bugs while I wasn't playing or something?
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Newman | 2013年9月30日 3時33分 
Find servers that are closer to you.
[HOH]Hellion666 2013年9月30日 4時00分 
Played TF2 lately? Same issue with that game. Seems Valve are screwing game updates as usual *sigh*
GatoradeMeBitch 2013年9月30日 4時09分 
yeah, i started playing today and every server i was in, everybody had red ping.
Quabble 2013年9月30日 9時10分 
Idk about actually lagging, (other then when a player is dos'ing the server), but I've ran into alot of servers themselves crapping out. Everyone will have green bars, but it skips like you have a ping in the hundreds.
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