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How to prevent players from changing the map at your custom campaign server?
I'm hosting a custom map coop server and sometimes people join the game and change the map to official.

How can I prevent them from changing?
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Shao 29. Sep. 2013 um 1:35 Uhr 
If you're the host, install sourcemod(Preferably on dedicated, not local), then install this plugin http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=1582772 with the correct configuration.
YourMADjesty 29. Sep. 2013 um 2:54 Uhr 
So if I add the admin flag between the "" to configure the followings the non-admin won't be able to change my map anymore?

"changemission" ""
"changechapter" ""

I wonder what is my admin flag.
Shao 29. Sep. 2013 um 11:50 Uhr 
You can see their purpose in this /left4dead2/addons/sourcemod/configs/admin_levels.cfg and don't forget to add your steam id in here /left4dead2/addons/sourcemod/configs/admins_simple.ini .

For example since your the owner it should look that way below the slashes in admins_simple.ini .

The "z" flag is the god one, you can allow everything to that tagged ID. You can copy paste this ID below if you want, it's yours.


"STEAM_0:1:54292903" "z"

For the change stuff, i'd recommend you putting the "b" flag.
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Jessi 30. Sep. 2013 um 4:17 Uhr 
But that doesn't prevent people from from switching to official camps via the lobby, right?
anyway.. From my experience.. if you switch your server to be non public.. (had it non public and steamgroup exclusive) people who play customs still end up on your serverI

Is there a reliable way to keep the VS rabble out tho? while i've set everything to be campaign an realism only.. i still sometimes catch my server being set to 8 people.
Shao 30. Sep. 2013 um 4:32 Uhr 
From what i know, if "sv_gametypes" in server.cfg doesn't have "versus", it'll prevent change to that gamemode.
YourMADjesty 30. Sep. 2013 um 5:03 Uhr 
Ursprünglich geschrieben von Gris #SpamdaHR:
From what i know, if "sv_gametypes" in server.cfg doesn't have "versus", it'll prevent change to that gamemode.

I set my server.cfg to coop.

Once, there were 8 players join at the same time and they wanted to play versus but hosted at my server.

The game remained as campaign and didn't change.
Shao 30. Sep. 2013 um 9:26 Uhr 
I can rely on that, sometimes i try to join a versus game, but instead i get redirected to a running coop game.
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