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bad at scout (usually) 2013年9月28日 7時19分
How do you run this game?
Me, all low settings, 640x480, no gore at all, and get about 10-18 FPS.
I'm upgrading computers sometime within the next couple months.

Acer Aspire 7741Z-4643

2.0GHz Processor FTW!
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ArmPit Juice 2013年9月28日 7時36分 
get a decent pc :-)
RΞV [A] SuperBooM 2013年9月28日 8時28分 
Press Left 4 Dead 2 ... Start button
Doom 2013年9月28日 8時49分 
RΞV A StonedBooM の投稿を引用:
Press Left 4 Dead 2 ... Start button
I thought the exact same thing!
The Pregnator 2013年9月28日 9時15分 
get a normal pc, not a lunchbox...
1tap @nopc 2013年9月28日 9時29分 
played 720p all low before because i run all games with that res
but i can run 1080p all low not sure about high because i don't want/use it.
had a bad pc too played all low lowest res on it
Shao 2013年9月29日 1時56分 
I was before getting that Athlon 64 2.4ghz, playing on my Sempron 1.6ghz with all to the lowest. My best rates would be about as much you get, still. With the FPS drop problem, things often gotten worst. Down to 9 even 8 FPS randomly.
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