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crash fan razer63 2013年9月27日下午5:11
I Found d3d solution
in launch options, you add your own resolution ilike this, numbers don't resemble any machine, but it shows an example; -w 1360 -lH 720
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<3_StoorKage_<3 2014年11月12日上午7:29 
This dident help me...
crash fan razer63 2014年11月12日下午3:15 
oh yeah, that was an old thing, i had to get a free display driver upgrade called cataclysm or something.
Wendigo 2014年11月12日下午3:39 
You really thought drivers costed money to download?
crash fan razer63 2014年11月12日下午6:21 
actually, that was waaay back, don't argue, i didn't know
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