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#sixty 2013年9月23日下午3:34
This game is extremely annoying
Why does it seem like 99% of every versus game I join some crazy over-the-top modded server? I don't want to play this garbage. I'm so sick and tired of joining a game only to find out it's heavily modded and I need to disconnect wasting all that time searching and loading.

Just now I rage quit after trying 4 versus servers and was placed in these modded servers every time. Why is there not an option to opt-out of playing on modded servers!? This is ridiculous. It seems like the only way to find a vanilla server it to make a lobby yourself and set it to official.
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acommoncreeper 2013年9月23日下午5:32 
Seriously. +1
Joe_Wildman 2013年9月23日下午8:53 
What if we all get together and play "clean" Versus. Just with strangers, but the appropriate people. Coming from the heart and shoot at each other =) Sorry for my grammar.
COLON BLOW 2013年9月23日下午9:15 
I know what you mean. I had joined a server once and the tank was modified to have ranged powers ( not the rock throw) it could throw propane tanks cars WTF
Joe_Wildman 2013年9月23日下午9:47 
Modification is interesting, but the balance breaks down considerably. I understand the new textures of weapons and enemies (but only to be able to understand what is the enemy or a weapon) but it did not approve.
Allahu Snackbar 2013年9月23日下午9:53 
Heavily modded severs should not be on the list to be able to auto connect to. When you search for a random game, it should be vanilla, or just simple mods.
Ninjabutter 2013年9月23日下午10:40 
It's always annoyed me that there's no option to only play on a non-modded server, either in Versus or Campaign.
Adenru 2013年9月23日下午11:08 
I have a heavily modded server and I sumetimes open it for public play spicificly to see people's reaction. I customized the way they don't see any diference from the beginning but when they get attacked by boomer's ♥♥♥ they start to realise and this is when fun comments come in.
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Libertine 2013年9月24日上午12:21 
agree, i hate that modded crap as well. wish there was an option to only join non-modded servers.
GANT 2013年9月24日上午1:34 
PizzaKnight 2013年9月24日上午1:46 
man barley even 1% of any servers have mods...
WAZARD 2013年9月24日上午8:14 
WarHero, Magikarp 2013年9月24日下午5:22 
I on;y like moded where you have the choice between 4 Infect types :l
golfboy492 2013年9月24日下午5:25 
I like the informative mods, like the ones that tell you how much damage you've done to something or something like that, but if you have a 10,000 HP tank that gets faster when you light it on fire...

Just not even a fun game anymore.
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