sophia 21. syys, 2013 13.17
Decent L4D2 server to rent?
I'm looking to rent a US L4D2 server to play custom add-on maps on. Does anyone know a good company to rent from? I used hostedgameservers before, but the quality was awful- it was down half the time, and when it was up it was laggy and generally ♥♥♥♥, either on custom or stock campaigns. I'm okay with paying a bit more per month, as long as it's usable.
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gorman (back 12th august) 21. syys, 2013 15.04

check'em out. Been having an server for more than a year now. And its very good.
Bulldogs 21. syys, 2013 16.01 
Hypernia or gameservers are the two most reliable imho
I V O R K 21. syys, 2013 19.05 
Game servers definiately if you are looking into doing a bit more with the server... they can handle the large number of entities that come with custom maps like helms deep where other companies lag and Linux servers are always better than Windows for plugins... all support tickets so far have been answered in the hour...
sophia 21. syys, 2013 21.13 
gorman lähetti viestin:

check'em out. Been having an server for more than a year now. And its very good.

Looks nice, how is their customer support though? Got an error that looks like it's related to the Steam pipe and the l4d2 version. Not sure how to update with their site.
I V O R K 22. syys, 2013 9.09 
login -> click the +mods symbol next to the server -> click the install button next to server update (Server Update Update your server to the latest version INSTALL)
Do the same with mm/sm if you had it on the server.

If that doesn't work for whatever reason go to the support tab...

They have replied to all my tickets within the hour... They seem to be #1 for a reason
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