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TT 2013년 9월 6일 오전 1시 56분
WTF is wrong with L4D2 ???
left 4 dead 2 keeps closing to desktop. no error message. anyone know the problem or the cure ? and no its not my rig. win 7, i7 quad core, 2 GTX 560 Grafx cards , 12 GB of 1600 mhz ram. i play crysis 3 with no probs.

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illuknisaa 2013년 9월 6일 오전 2시 52분 
Have you tried other source games? (tf2, hl2...)
TT 2013년 9월 6일 오전 2시 58분 
found the problem . steam having downtime issues with workshop on there back end. should be resolved soon. another way around this is to unsubscribe from all workshop files and delete the workshop folder in your left 4 dead 2 addons folder. or just wiat for them to resolve the issue.
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