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ScionOvBaphomet 2013年8月30日 21時15分
How to get better
I was playing a match of 'Versus' when two people called me a noob, after that, they tried to kick me from the match (Luckily my friend was playing with me and voted for me to stay). After a while, they started shooting at me and left me when I was down (I guess you could say that I was 'Left 4 Dead'). I eventually left the game out of embarrasment.

I would like to know how to get better at this game to avoid situations like this. One problem I have is killing specials (I'm alright at killing Boomers and Spitters but I find it hard to kill: chargers, jockies and smokers all by myself) and whenever I try to heal/revive someone in Survival mode, I'm always swarmed by other infected.
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coups83724 2013年8月30日 22時12分 
You should play as single player and offline till you can get better at your own pace.
I encourage anyone new to the game to practice on your own before you join an online game.
or find a friendly server.
Or start your own team with people you know not to be SteamJerks.
|B4ST4RDS| Sophia - brb 2013年8月30日 23時01分 
Try the Last Man Standing mutation, it's you alone against special infected.
coups83724 2013年8月31日 2時13分 
If you can catch me online..feel free to join me in the lobby.
tomas 2013年8月31日 7時30分 
play campaign till you get there don't go for versus or scavanger when you don't have experience
arroW. 2013年9月1日 18時01分 
yeah just play campaign. if you got some experience in the expert mode you're able to play online versus without getting vote-kicked that fast. just stay with the others, don't make you're own thing and help them if they are in trouble (boomed etc). in versus you have to play as team.
i miss 2013年9月1日 18時05分 
play l4d1 versus
get de_stroyed_banana_death_of_a_firstborn
Svide 2013年9月1日 18時38分 
number one risk your life for that person and number 2 when nobody is around that player kill them (infected) idk man i have been playing l4d for a long time
tomas 2013年9月1日 18時41分 
long time 60 ish hours? lol, risking the life to safe someone really depends of the situacion and I mean everybody knows that a survivor alone is a easy target for hunter charger jockey smoker
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