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Chet 2013年8月28日下午4:32
The Gang is Getting Back Together
Building on the work from our last update, we are now releasing the entire set of “older” Left 4 Dead 1 models.

It was an interesting walk back through our content tree to find all the various pieces and versions. Depending on your definition of the old models, some of these may vary in some slight detail as we work in an iterative process and never internally defined a version of these models. They have always just been Zoey, Louis, Bill, and Francis to us.


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Silver Mountain 2013年8月28日下午4:52 
boo boo 2013年8月28日下午4:57 
Thanks for the older models everyone will of course enjoy them.
Sundae 2013年8月29日上午4:46 
Very nice!
MunkeyThrust 2013年8月29日上午6:19 
Big deal.
Silver Mountain 2013年8月29日上午6:22 
引用自 MunkeyThrust
Big deal.
Dude, one of the reasons as to why they dug up these very old models are because of many community modders helping the L4D2 team with extending how far modding can go, and as an experiment, they dug up this.
George Chrimson 2013年8月29日上午9:04 
Is that guy on the right of picture Louis?
StockDama 2013年8月31日上午4:39 
That is awesome =D
Falstaff 2013年8月31日上午5:08 
That will be great
McLovin 2013年9月1日上午2:21 
nice :D
Mangabookguy 2013年9月1日下午8:50 
I think it is a good desicion!
Shotokhan 2013年9月2日上午4:58 
Nar'Sie 2013年9月2日上午6:27 
Can we get voice on Linux now?
Diavolo 2013年9月3日上午6:00 
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