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Nice Puppies 2013年8月27日 13時01分
It's Been Months & STILL No Fix For Crash On Weapon Switch!?
Since the last few L4D2 updates, the game ALWAYS crashes EVERY SINGLE TIME that I switch to a new weapon. And others are having this issue too. Or they are having other issues of constant crashing (and yes I have tried EVERYTHING and NOTHING works). L4D2 worked perfectly fine before until Valve did whatever they did! It's been WEEKS and still nothing! So me and many others can't play L4D2 at all. A game that WE PAID FOR! FIX THIS VALVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Wendigo 2013年8月27日 13時41分 
Who are "the others"?

I have no problem at all when I switch to a new weapon. Same goes for all my steam friends I play with. Or any kinds of crashes.
So I dont really see, what valve should be fixing. Since its most likely an issue in your end.
Nice Puppies 2013年8月27日 13時52分 
gorman の投稿を引用:
Who are "the others"?

A search brought up these results: http://steamcommunity.com/app/550/discussions/search/?q=crash+weapon+switch
Wendigo 2013年8月27日 14時00分 
Nice Puppies の投稿を引用:
gorman の投稿を引用:
Who are "the others"?

A search brought up these results: http://steamcommunity.com/app/550/discussions/search/?q=crash+weapon+switch

The problem, is still somewhere in your end. Since this forum is not overflooded with others having the same issue. Or at the old l4d2 steam forum.
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Userbla 2013年8月28日 7時42分 
Please contact value support at http://support.steampowered.com/. I too am having this problem, along with many others. We all need to submit tickets to Valve. Because i'm running on a Mac they have ignored my request, but they should help everyone else.
Userbla 2013年8月28日 7時44分 
@gorman, I've been following this problem since the beta. There are many people with this problem. It started happening with the beta and continued with the official update. It is happening on a wide variety of machines. It's a crash in the client.dll which doesn't seem to be related to hardware issues or anything like that. It's a Valve bug.
Userbla 2013年8月28日 7時56分 
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Wendigo 2013年8月28日 9時54分 
Valve bug, that have never hitted me or my other steam friends, I regularly play l4d2 with.

Are you sure theres not an issue within your steam folders, and perhaps and complete reinstall of steam could fix it?
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Userbla 2013年8月28日 11時46分 
gorman の投稿を引用:
Are you sure theres not an issue within your steam folders, and perhaps and complete reinstall of steam could fix it?

We've tried deleting/reinstalling everything, validating game files, clearing out steam cloud data, etc. etc. Doesn't work.
Nice Puppies 2013年8月28日 12時40分 
I finally decided to open a support ticket with Valve about this. I figure that by providing Valve with the specs/MS Info report of my current PC (which they ask for anyway), as well as crash dump files that are created by the game when it crashes, hopefully they will be able to get a much better idea as to what's going on and fix it. They do say on their support page that they are currently experiencing a high volume of support tickets. So it's anybody's guess as to when I will receive a reply and help from Valve
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¤ Me†alic ¤ 2013年8月28日 14時34分 
When i switch my weapons it doesnt crash but it gets laggy.
Userbla 2013年8月29日 7時23分 
Nice Puppies の投稿を引用:
I finally decided to open a support ticket with Valve about this.

This is good. Just note the crash files are too big to upload through the support site, so you need to use another service like Dropbox or some upload service to send them the files.
Nice Puppies 2013年9月15日 13時11分 
Wow I have been having this problem with L4D2 for almost 2 months. I can't play the game at all because of Valve making changes to the game that screwed it up for me! I paid for this game and it worked perfectly fine before! Until Valve made changes to the game or to the Steam program that screwed it up! Two months and STILL NO FIX! This is some of the absolute worst customer service that I have ever seen in my entire life! I PAID VALVE FOR THIS GAME AND I CAN'T PLAY IT NOW BECAUSE OF THEIR STUPIDITY AND INCOMPETENCE! WHAT PART OF "FIX THIS PROBLEM THAT YOU CREATED" DO THEY NOT UNDERSTAND!? HOW MUCH LONGER AM I NOT GOING TO BE ABLE TO PLAY ONE OF THEIR GAMES THAT I PAID FOR!? I HAVE TRIED EVERY SINGLE THING THAT THEY HAVE SUGGESTED TO ME IN MY SUPPORT TICKET AND NOTHING WORKS! The game worked perfectly fine before until they (not me) made changes!
The Polite Texan 2013年9月15日 14時28分 
I used to have a VERY fun bug in L4D1 where my game would crash to desktop everytime I fired my pistol.
Nice Puppies 2013年9月16日 2時14分 
Well I have found out something recently with regards to this crash (which I mentioned in my support ticket with Valve). I tried downgrading to the June 6th stable release of Steam (my old thread here: http://steamcommunity.com/discussions/forum/1/864973123274306380/) just to see if maybe L4D2 might work properly with that one. Well at first, the crash still happened. However, after that I tried validating the game files to see if that would do anything. After that, I tried the game again, and then the game worked properly again and no more crashing on weapon change! So then I updated back to the current September 6th stable release of Steam to see what would happen then. I tried L4D2 again and the crash was back. I validated the game files again and the crash is still there. So when I used the June 6th stable release of Steam, and validated the L4D2 game files, the game worked properly. However, when I went back to the current release of Steam, it doesn't work properly.

So maybe it's possible that this specific crash that me (and some others) are experiencing has more to do with changes that were made to the Steam program since the June 6th version. And maybe it has less to do or nothing to do with the L4D2 game. Honestly, I don't feel like downgrading to the June 6th Steam, and then having to validate my L4D2 game files, every time that I want to play L4D2. So from my testings, it seems that this specific crash probably has something to do with the Steam program. And maybe it has very little or nothing to do with the L4D2 game.

If you are experiencing this crash like I am currently, and you really want to play L4D2, you could try what I did: Try temporarily downgrading to the June 6th Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/discussions/forum/1/864973123274306380/ and see if the crash still happens. If it does, validate your game files, and then try the game again.

If this specific crash is not being caused by the game, but it's actually being caused by the current Steam program (which is possible from my testing), it's still on Valve to figure this out and fix it
ÐÜÐĘŞåÜ©Ę™ 2013年9月16日 18時30分 
This only happened once for me,Im not able to reproduce it though.When it happened I just restarted my machine and it worked and hasnt done it since.
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