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GK 2013年8月27日 9時57分
VS Mode
I search someone for help me in VS mode. I would like level up my skill. I'm not bad generally but in VS mode it's an another story ;)
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Ploppy 2013年8月27日 15時41分 
It takes a lot of practice, there are good tutorials on youtube and you can also use trainer mods like the hunter one.
GK 2013年8月27日 23時58分 
Thanks for trainer mods. I did not know to exist
Senor Rabbs 2013年9月11日 17時50分 
I absolutely suck as VS mode. Even though I found some people to play with, our team ends up dieing within the first three minutes of the map every single time. Boomer and Smoker, I usually last about ten seconds before end up getting killed. It gets really frustrating.
GK 2013年9月11日 18時02分 
You must play whith same people few games for training and to be sure there is no cheat. When you plays with good persons it's really cool. And we should rush the map when you are a survivor. Campaign in advanced or Expert is a good training.
Senor Rabbs 2013年9月12日 15時00分 
Gotcha, I think that is my problem. I've only played easy and normal mode for campain. I'll try your advice. Thank you.
GK 2013年9月12日 15時01分 
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