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Jester 2013년 8월 26일 오후 11시 22분
is it me or is rochelle greedy?
i have been playing this game for a very long time now and to this day i swear that rochelle is the most greediest bot out of both games. she grab grab grabs everything. she is the biggest scrounger and i find that annoying when you have no health and no pack/pills/adrenaline and she will still scrounge it as you are ttrying to grab it. she will get ahead to grab everything.

i need to get out more lol
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Restless 2013년 8월 26일 오후 11시 24분 
Its you. The bots have identical programming. She might come off as 'greedier' because of her lines though.

"Nothing to see here...no health kit..."
|B4ST4RDS| Sophia♥ 2013년 8월 27일 오전 6시 07분 
The bots are all the same, you probably just hav something against her like 90% of the players out there.
MunkeyThrust 2013년 8월 27일 오전 6시 52분 
Its you.
((WOLVES)MRS.ALPHA WOLFE(HTBAF) 2013년 8월 27일 오후 2시 37분 
you black and white and Rochelle heals herself all the time at 1hp
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