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Jester 2013年8月26日 23時22分
is it me or is rochelle greedy?
i have been playing this game for a very long time now and to this day i swear that rochelle is the most greediest bot out of both games. she grab grab grabs everything. she is the biggest scrounger and i find that annoying when you have no health and no pack/pills/adrenaline and she will still scrounge it as you are ttrying to grab it. she will get ahead to grab everything.

i need to get out more lol
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Restless 2013年8月26日 23時24分 
Its you. The bots have identical programming. She might come off as 'greedier' because of her lines though.

"Nothing to see here...no health kit..."
[linux] sophia hapgood 2013年8月27日 6時07分 
The bots are all the same, you probably just hav something against her like 90% of the players out there.
MunkeyThrust 2013年8月27日 6時52分 
Its you.
((WOLVES))MRS.ALPHA WOLFE(HTBAF) 2013年8月27日 14時37分 
you black and white and Rochelle heals herself all the time at 1hp
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