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LadyAmy 2013年8月24日下午3:32
Friend's List
I have noticed for the last several days, that friends online or offline has been incorrect. Even for myself showing offline to my friends that I am clearly in game with. My friends are as well experiencing the same thing. Is there a bug with Steam and is anyone else there having this issue?
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LadyAmy 2013年8月31日上午8:13 
is anyone having this problem?
Sacred Myths 2013年8月31日下午2:18 
lol i remember playing with you on l4d2!
Ohio rep!
And nope
LadyAmy 2013年8月31日下午11:33 
yeah we have played together a few times lol
Morpheus is away 2013年9月9日下午3:52 
Yeah, I have the same problem. And also last connected time isn't correct. Not all the time, but lately is happening more often.
dustinandband 2013年9月9日下午5:15 
You mean on your friends list or your steam profile friends list? I noticed that people who have their profile set to private don't show as being online or in-game in my (or anyone's) profile page friends section.
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