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ellis, nick, coach or rochelle?
which one of the characters are the best and why?
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dude i said why XD
Nick because,

Rapax 2013年8月21日 13時02分 
Coach because hes a BADASS
Deadpool. I mean Nick. I just changed him into Deadpool so... yeah! That's reason enough!
Coach. Because he's a big hungry black man.
Ellis, because loves horses and WUBUBUBU.
Ellis, because he is funny and he loves horses :P
rochelle becuz shes woman and funny.
Nick, because he is a smart♥♥♥♥♥with a sense of style.
ChernoAlpha の投稿を引用:
Nick because,

最近の変更はFlower Boyが行いました; 2013年8月21日 22時28分
2013年8月21日 22時30分 
Coach has the funniest vocal commands but I like Rochelle.
Zeke 2013年8月22日 2時21分 
Coach is a fat guy, and I like him.
Nick is like an original guy, I don't like him
Rochelle is a slow b!tch, and a suicider, I really don't like her
Ellis is talkative, you want to use Ellis just to hear him talk or hear is Keith stories xD

So Coach and Ellis, both from Savannah and likes Midnight Riders, are my favourite.
NayRam 2013年8月22日 14時43分 
Ellis - My favorite, because he's simply kindhearted with everyone, I also like his accent and the stories. Most of his lines are quite funny. I kind of relate to his love regarding Zoey and Jimmy Gibbs' car haha.
Nick - A Badass in a suit. Probably the funniest of them all, with his cold and deadpan personality. Every swear word that comes from his mouth makes me laugh. His voice actor (Hugh Dillon) is also one of my favorite underrated actors and singers of all time. Love his work and he did an awesome job in L4D2.
Coach - The leader/father figure of the group. Knows the danger their facing more than anyone else. Love his rantings, especially when he'll express how hungry he is. Nice guy!
Rochelle - A woman.
H.I.M. 2013年8月22日 19時41分 
Hunster の投稿を引用:
Coach. Because he's a big hungry black man.

'Nuff said.
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