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Nice Puppies 17 aug 2013 om 5:35vm
L4D2 Always Crashes When I Switch To A Different Weapon
The last two Left 4 Dead 2 updates have brought back the bug where the game always crashes any time that I switch to a different weapon. So now I can't play L4D2 at all. I am more than willing to send crash dump files from L4D2 to a Valve employee if I can. I have tried the usual stuff (validate the game files, fresh install of Steam, video card and sound card drivers are up to date, etc). I am really getting frusterated and fed up with this
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CSL 17 aug 2013 om 6:20vm 
Ok I thought I was the only one but my Left4dead2 doesnt even start up its goes black screen to enter the picture from the bald guy but instead closes.
Userbla 17 aug 2013 om 6:33vm 
I have the same problem (crash when changing weapons). It's happened since the beta. Please submit a ticket to steam support (support.steampowered.com). You can tell them my ticket is 2992-PASJ-7033 for reference purposes. We need to let them know multiple people are having this issue! They told me to go away because I was running on a mac. Great job Valve.
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Norton 17 aug 2013 om 6:43vm 
Userbla 17 aug 2013 om 6:46vm 
Also, I have 2 questions. 1. Are you running under bootcamp on a mac? 2. Do you have a censored version of left 4 dead (e.g. German/Australian version)?
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