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Darkness Aug 15, 2013 @ 1:21am
Ragequit penalty
Probably been suggested before, as with most ideas. Its just something that hasn't been dealt with by Valve


Today, I joined a game of No Mercy on Versus. On the first map, my team managed to kill one of their survivors due to the combination of a boomer, charger and a witch. Even though it was the first map two of their team ragequit. We wait for more players and carry on playing.
Second map, my team all survive, and someone then ♥♥♥♥s over their team and rushes out when none of them are ready. Gets killed and then leaves, purely just to troll the team and ruin the game for everyone else. Out of courtesy we restart, but it didn't make that much difference as we all survived again and they all died at the tank fairly early on in the map.
Third map, someone kills themselves at the gas station and then leaves, just because their team is losing by about 300 points. This makes everyone apart from one person on their team leave. Two of us change team to balance it up a bit (but it wasn't the fact we worked together well it was just the fact that certain members of their team were just plain stupid, like left a hunter on a guy and ran off, despite there being no horde, no other specials, no tank, meaning that he died).
Fourth map, I get quite lucky and get two kills with a deathcharge (smoker + jockey + boomer to blind everyone). One of those players then ragequits and one of the two surviving players suicide and then leave.
Fifth map, the final: The score is about 2400:1400 at the start. A tank kills one of our survivors, but then their second tank (a newly joined player) sees the score, suicides the tank and leaves, meaning the remaining 3 survive.
Their turn to be survivors, naturally one guy throws a molotov in the safe room and shoots everyone else low health and then suicides himself. After this the remaining 3 players just leave

I go on a public game of expert campaign. I join and am getting on fine with the two players there. A fourth player joins and then decides it to be funny to kill us all right before the end of the map and then disconnect (on official servers this means you have to restart as bots cannot continue without players). This meant we had to do that entire map again, and being a particularly awkward map to do, meant we took another 30 minutes.
On the finale, someone who joined near the end of the 3rd map of Dead Centre, decided to shoot the gas can outside of the lift, meaning we all burn to death before we could even leave the lift. Restarting, we try again (we kicked the guy) and we had all of the gas cans on the ground floor (having thrown them down) and quickly threw all the cans near the car while one person filled the car up. A player then joins and then shoots the gas cans near the car to kill the fueler, himself, and one other guy he shot down. We finally get it finished without someone griefing us, but unfortunately the one that needed to survive was killed, so he will have to do it again anyway

Point is, people can join games, ruin them for everyone else and then jump onto a different game. And most of the time the reason that team is losing because its always players down (due to ragequits).

Valve need to bring in a ragequit penalty of some sort. People shouldn't be able to just join a game, ruin it, and then join a different game. Okay, sometimes you recognise names from before and so kick them before they can do damage, but there still needs to be some sort of system to stop people from just ragequitting.

In TF2 MvM, you lose out on rewards if you ragequit and you get a icon next to your name or something if you ragequit more than once. Okay, the only thing players get from playing L4D is enjoyment and sometimes trading cards, so unless Valve bring in an item system (PLEASE DONT YOU ALREADY RUINED TF2), then they cannot penalty players that way.

The best solution will probably be stop people being able to join games after ragequitting. If someone leaves a game pre-maturely, the only acceptable reason is that they have to go do something in real life. Sometimes people leave to join friends' games or whatever, but the only reason to leave a game pre-maturely should be to do something irl.
I suggest that if someone leaves a game then they can't join another one for 15 minutes. This will mean people will have to either put up with playing on the game they would normally ragequit on, or have to wait.

With teamkilling or griefing, players should be reported with an in-game system and punished from that. You can also see quite clearly on the stats when someone has high team damage that they must have been griefing. Okay, there is the exception that in the campaigns people are killed to save health kits (killed in the safe room and they respawn with 50/100 health), and also to speed versus games up by shooting someone through the safe room door to end the game faster (this only happens if the person can't be saved and there are lots of specials outside).

These simple additions to the game would at least control the community. You can't make people change and not grief, but you can restrict them from doing it and punish them when they do.

Make it happen already Valve!
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Dannehood Aug 15, 2013 @ 2:53am 
Cool stories. I don't think the 15 minute penalty is the right solution though. What if you just don't want to play that mode anymore? What if you are stuck at a chapter (dark carnival chapter 4) and if you leave you get punished. What if your entire team are complete ♥♥♥♥ing ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ and you get invited by your friend saying, hey wanna do some rooftop? Oh sorry I can't I'm stuck with these idiots for the next 2 hours... There is no perfect way of dealing with these types of players, the best way is to just keep blocking them completely. It's always a gamble when you enter public games, make sure you at least got 1 friend with you so you can kick the people who suck and grief.
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Lunatix Aug 15, 2013 @ 3:13am 
You should write a book.
Un!ted2o [GER] Aug 15, 2013 @ 3:46am 
Originally posted by Dannehood:
What if your entire team are complete ♥♥♥♥ing ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ .

Is what happens to me all the time, when I join a game with "quick join" or playing without friends... there are sooo many bad players... unable to think.

Sorry, when it takes your team 20 seconds before they are able to help you when you grabbed by a special infected => rage quit.
(with fiends it will take maximum 3 seconds and you are free)

When I see that one player is 2 dumb to wait for everybody before he triggered the "zombie mass" events ... (like the alarm on the airport terminal) => rage quit.

When somebody is 2 dumb to wait for the team in general => rage quit.

When you tell your team three times (!!!!) "stick together" (at the same part of the map where the team failed the last three times) and still nobody is listening => rage quit.

Maybe there would be MUCH less quitters,
when the "mass" of gamers would start to learn "how to play"?
Krisk Aug 15, 2013 @ 7:29am 
just block every griefer / troller / teamkiller you face in this game here. Then they will NEVER be able to join the game you're in.
I've been doing that for a year now, and I have around 470 blocked l4d2 players. And only nice people, joins my game now.
Dr Chaos MK Aug 15, 2013 @ 11:01am 
Originally posted by Liam Neeson:
These simple additions to the game would at least control the community. You can't make people change and not grief, but you can restrict them from doing it and punish them when they do.
I too wish for Valve to punish quitters. Nothing worst on campaign than a player have a explosive. Then quit the game cause it's not going there way. Now no one can use that explosive the bot has now.
Originally posted by gorman:
just block every griefer / troller / teamkiller you face in this game here. Then they will NEVER be able to join the game you're in.
I've been doing that for a year now, and I have around 470 blocked l4d2 players. And only nice people, joins my game now.
Not the solution I.M.O. I had a family member fall victim to a greifer. I had them blocked. But they did not. I'd rather Valve look into the User Misconduct reports.
Krisk Aug 15, 2013 @ 11:36am 
"But they did not"

What? I've never had any blocked people, to join the game I'm in. So it works perfectly fien for me.
Biggus Dickus Aug 15, 2013 @ 5:08pm 
ragequit is the downfall of versus games these days, you have to hold back in order to keep the other players from quitting these days
C= 64 Aug 15, 2013 @ 6:06pm 
All the ppl who reply saying penalising rage quitting is bad, rage quit.
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Neoshadow7 Aug 15, 2013 @ 7:18pm 
It is kind of hard or even impossible to create an AI to Sounce engine which can tell when a person is ragequiting or leaving for some other reason (like going to sleep or have to go for an errand of personal life) or the game itself happens to crash and forces the player to leave the battle.
Besides, I think that the solution comes from people themselves, not changing the game interface. Personally I dislike ragequiters too but as most of them, I enjoy the most versus games which are as even matched as possible. It's not fun to lose with points of 1400 to 237 but it's not that exciting to win as clearly too.
Moreover, more than I hate ragequiters, I do hate ragekickers (mostly your 3 'teammates' who decides to kick you just because you do not share their lanquage, you happen to make one mistake (as humans tend sometimes to do) or you just get overpowered by infected when others completely ignore to help you).
alc(low) Aug 15, 2013 @ 8:11pm 
15 minute penalty would a terrible idea, I'm pretty sure it would stop 90% of people playing. It'd annoy the ♥♥♥♥ outta me
Flower nose Aug 15, 2013 @ 8:26pm 
didnt read the long wall of text but if i dont want to play a game im going to leave the game deal with it!
Dr Chaos MK Aug 15, 2013 @ 10:03pm 
Originally posted by ALCoholIC author:
15 minute penalty would a terrible idea, I'm pretty sure it would stop 90% of people playing. It'd annoy the ♥♥♥♥ outta me
And that's the 90% of the people we DON'T want to play with. I for one would rather keep the rage quitters out of the L4D 2 comminuty.
Originally posted by John morris:
didnt read the long wall of text but if i dont want to play a game im going to leave the game deal with it!
Well you might hate how I " deal " with rage quitters. Any chronic quitters that join my game I simply ignore & not respect. Since the faster you leave the game, the better. Rather have a decent player join a game, rather than a person that quits all the time when the game is not going there way. You want me to help you out in a public game? Do not rage quit & friendly fire. This game is not that hard difficulty wise. I do not understand all the quitting. Bunch of babies if you ask me.
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Ray451 Aug 16, 2013 @ 1:22am 
You want to force the people to play with you and spend their time, no matter how bad you are, and no matter if they have fun or not, otherwise they get a penalty?

OMG, you must be really bad....

No, joke aside, besides trolls there are many reason to quit a game (without rage) cause the team is so bad that it is no fun. You play the campaign cause you want a nice teamwork and if it is a total♥♥♥♥♥♥ you leave and join another one. I don't see there a real problem as new people join, only the finale quitters are not really nice, as they leave the team in the most difficult moment.

But also there could be reasons. If you tried it 2 times with a team which just can't make it through the finale cause they are not good enough, or you have seen the teamwork in the chapters before and know that the team will not make it through the finale cause of bad team work and bad skills, you quit cause it is senseless.

A penalty to force people to play a campaign they don't like anymore is a totally senseless idea. If you have many ragequitters you rather should think over your playstyle, if the people have fun to play with you, than to ask for penalties.

And Trolls will ever be Trolls, no matter what you do. For me the "ragequitters" are good. They leave, a better player comes next. So what?
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C= 64 Aug 16, 2013 @ 4:03am 
like i said, the only ppl who are against penalising rage quitters are, well rage quitters.
Darkness Aug 16, 2013 @ 4:28am 
glad to see all the comments

in reply to some of them (i will be here all week if i reply to every single point everyone has made)

There is a certain point where a game does become boring or too much. But generally in public games people ragequit way before that. "100 points behind we cant win this we cant have fun without winning must leave and find a game against noobs where i can win"

It is frustrating when people don't learn to play, and it does seem like the majority of the community is like this. I have made several guides over the last couple of months. I made a guide on dealing with witches because in public games people would always go down at a witch. Okay it still happens, but I listed ways I would deal with a witch and ways to avoid her etc.
I made another guide on beating tanks in versus and playing as infected with a tank. Again this is to try and improve peoples gameplay and make it more challenging and fun for the rest of us.

An interesting solution but that would only solve the problem for me, and I would still have to go through and block that person. Valve should really do something to deal with the sour side of this community

I am not bad at this game, and you are right, it is not a good idea to force someone to play with you. Often when people ragequit it is when me or my team have done particularly well. Like I mentioned in the original post, two people ragequit when I double-deathcharged. In public games I feel like I can't try my best to beat the team because otherwise they will ragequit and I will gain nothing from the game.
But what people need to realise is that you have to go through the rough to get to the smooth. Every single person was a noob at some point, and didn't know what a witch was, or whatever. To get better at a game you have to stick at it, put some time into it. There gets a point where no matter how much more time you spend on the game you won't get better. Ragequitting when you lose and only playing when you are winning (i.e. against players who arent as good as yourself or your team) does not get you better at the game. What people have to realise is that losing is part of any game.
Yes okay, when teams are stupidly unbalanced it is not a fun game. However, instead of ragequitting, why not mix the teams up a bit or just stick it out. A "fun" game for me isnt one where I win, it is where I play well. Games where the scores are close and so that you have to play right until the end to win are the best games for me. And most of the time, I play by the rounds' score and damage rather than team score.
Also from the sounds of it you only have fun when you win. Perhaps you need to be less competitive and focus more on having a good time rather than winning

Okay 15 minute penalty may not be the way to sort it but I can't think of any way to deal with it without making someone angry.
The only reasons for leaving a game is 1) If you have some real life matter to attend to 2) If you are invited to another game 3) Crashing but thats not really a choice

If Valve added it in so you couldn't join a game until 15 minutes after you left the previous one then people wouldn't leave the game for no reason (e.g. ragequit). Yes okay it would be an inconvience if you were put onto a 10v10 server or a modded server you didnt want to play, that is the biggest problem with it for me. But it would stop people from ragequitting (ragequitters are generally impatient people, they would be more likely to stay in the game even if they lose rather than wait 15 minutes to join another game)

Obviously if you are playing something like scavenge, a considerably shorter game than versus, ragequitting isn't so bad.

I am reporting pointless comments like "You should write a book". Its just troll comments so please go troll elseware. I am trying to get a decent solution to the problem of the L4D community and you arent contributing at all to the topic with your stupid inappropriate comments
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