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JackT893 2013年8月7日下午12:33
couldn't crc client side dll bin client.dll
I can't start the game without losing the client.dll, something delete it from the bin folder.. I made a copy and i put it back but when i join a game it give me back the error "couldn't crc client side dll bin client.dll" and if i check the client.dll file is gone again. I disabled my Anti virus (Kaspersky) and it continues to happen. Some help?
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Tux Chaplin 2014年3月16日下午5:08 
Same problem. Still no solution.
Nymph 2014年3月21日上午3:07 
Have to problem too! If i want to Create/Join a Game, this Message appears ._.
White Spirit 2014年7月3日下午1:59 
Does anyone know how rto solve this??? I still have this problem over half a year, can't play the game...
最后由 White Spirit 编辑于; 2014年7月3日下午2:00
JackT893 2014年7月5日上午7:11 
I think i solved it copying the client.dll file and when the message appear i copyied it again in the folder, the file was deleted i don't know why. And the game started.
Michael 2月9日上午1:02 
Is there a solution?
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