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AA 2013年8月3日下午4:32
Reason why I should play L4D2 ?
So I have the game gift in my inventory but unsure if this game is really good .
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MunkeyThrust 2013年8月3日下午4:40 
Killing zambies is really good.
Dr Chaos MK 2013年8月3日下午4:53 
The game itself is great. Now that the L4D 2 workshop is out, you can customize the game as well. And there are other game modes found under Mutations so you have a lot to play with.

However. Other human players in public games can potentially be ruthless. Griefing / trolling. Getting kicked out of games for the littlest things. Even for being new to the game.

If you are mature enough then you will enjoy this game. I still do. And I have been playing since day 1 of this game. Just do not let the bad things get to you. Simple as that.
Hominid 2013年8月3日下午5:42 
It is really, really good.

Play campaign above normal difficulty and it will be one of the most awesome games you will ever see. :)
Ash3592 2013年8月3日下午5:46 
2 things: 1. Which country did it come from? 2. Do you like blood and gore?
iNTELViSION kr1te// 2013年8月3日下午6:14 
because its fun
7Sensei™✔ 2013年8月4日上午12:22 
AA 2013年8月4日上午3:21 
Festive Meteor Strike (RP Pony) 2013年8月4日上午3:26 
watching all this gore is makeing me hungry >:P
DemonSlayer777 2013年8月5日上午9:20 
just give it a try
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