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AA 2013年8月3日 16時32分
Reason why I should play L4D2 ?
So I have the game gift in my inventory but unsure if this game is really good .
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MunkeyThrust 2013年8月3日 16時40分 
Killing zambies is really good.
Dr Chaos MK 2013年8月3日 16時53分 
The game itself is great. Now that the L4D 2 workshop is out, you can customize the game as well. And there are other game modes found under Mutations so you have a lot to play with.

However. Other human players in public games can potentially be ruthless. Griefing / trolling. Getting kicked out of games for the littlest things. Even for being new to the game.

If you are mature enough then you will enjoy this game. I still do. And I have been playing since day 1 of this game. Just do not let the bad things get to you. Simple as that.
Wowee 2013年8月3日 17時42分 
It is really, really good.

Play campaign above normal difficulty and it will be one of the most awesome games you will ever see. :)
Ash3592 2013年8月3日 17時46分 
2 things: 1. Which country did it come from? 2. Do you like blood and gore?
iNTELViSION kr1te// 2013年8月3日 18時14分 
because its fun
7Sensei™ ✓ 2013年8月4日 0時22分 
AA 2013年8月4日 3時21分 
Meteor Strike Black knight 2013年8月4日 3時26分 
watching all this gore is makeing me hungry >:P
UFO 2013年8月5日 9時20分 
just give it a try
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