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By Darkness 2013年7月27日上午6:01
Bug at menu
Hello, it's been 2 years I have not played this game and I reinstalled but when I run it and I get to the main menu, the game freezes and I hear a piece of music loop please help me before it was good before ...
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By Darkness 2013年7月27日上午6:33 
By Darkness 2013年7月27日上午7:19 
help omg
Piña 2013年7月27日上午7:23 
Have you tried to "Verify the integrity of the game's cache" already?
You can do that via your Steam Library, just select Left 4 Dead 2 and go to "Properties/Settings".

There might be something wrong with the files. Something is probably currupt.
By Darkness 2013年7月27日上午7:25 
I have already make dat , a files were corrupt , i have dl it and the game crash again ...
Piña 2013年7月27日上午7:28 
Then I don't know what the problem could be and I can't help you any further, sorry.
Perhaps try to open a ticket to Valve support.
By Darkness 2013年7月27日上午7:33 
Yes, I do, I am disgusted ...
♫♪ <Joulik> ♪♫ 2013年7月27日上午8:11 
Hello, I have the same pb today, yesterday I have played correctly and today I can't do anything on the menu ( it is blocked ) I have verified integrity game's cache but it is the same pb and it is written under the menu " Blackout Basement ( part 1 of 2 )??? sorry for my bad english! thank you!
By Darkness 2013年7月27日上午8:57 
help us ..
Morphium 2013年7月27日上午8:59 
Fully tried to reinstall the game
By Darkness 2013年7月27日上午9:00 
Already do
♫♪ <Joulik> ♪♫ 2013年7月27日上午9:08 
I am trying to install left4dead2 beta that I have had in more when I bought this game, maybe it will solve the problem! hoping!! in all cases thank you very much for your answers! good luck for you Naruto Sennin!!
By Darkness 2013年7月27日上午9:23 
Thx you too guys , but i want play at this game ...
By Darkness 2013年7月27日上午9:24 
Say here if your problem it's result and how plz
♫♪ <Joulik> ♪♫ 2013年7月27日上午10:05 
Ok, just I must wait the end of my loading ! and after I will say you !
By Darkness 2013年7月27日下午12:08 
Ok ..
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