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By Darkness 2013年7月27日 6時01分
Bug at menu
Hello, it's been 2 years I have not played this game and I reinstalled but when I run it and I get to the main menu, the game freezes and I hear a piece of music loop please help me before it was good before ...
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By Darkness 2013年7月27日 6時33分 
By Darkness 2013年7月27日 7時19分 
help omg
Ring0 2013年7月27日 7時23分 
Have you tried to "Verify the integrity of the game's cache" already?
You can do that via your Steam Library, just select Left 4 Dead 2 and go to "Properties/Settings".

There might be something wrong with the files. Something is probably currupt.
By Darkness 2013年7月27日 7時25分 
I have already make dat , a files were corrupt , i have dl it and the game crash again ...
Ring0 2013年7月27日 7時28分 
Then I don't know what the problem could be and I can't help you any further, sorry.
Perhaps try to open a ticket to Valve support.
By Darkness 2013年7月27日 7時33分 
Yes, I do, I am disgusted ...
[ES.GR] Joulik (Cpl) 2013年7月27日 8時11分 
Hello, I have the same pb today, yesterday I have played correctly and today I can't do anything on the menu ( it is blocked ) I have verified integrity game's cache but it is the same pb and it is written under the menu " Blackout Basement ( part 1 of 2 )??? sorry for my bad english! thank you!
By Darkness 2013年7月27日 8時57分 
help us ..
Morphium 2013年7月27日 8時59分 
Fully tried to reinstall the game
By Darkness 2013年7月27日 9時00分 
Already do
[ES.GR] Joulik (Cpl) 2013年7月27日 9時08分 
I am trying to install left4dead2 beta that I have had in more when I bought this game, maybe it will solve the problem! hoping!! in all cases thank you very much for your answers! good luck for you Naruto Sennin!!
By Darkness 2013年7月27日 9時23分 
Thx you too guys , but i want play at this game ...
By Darkness 2013年7月27日 9時24分 
Say here if your problem it's result and how plz
[ES.GR] Joulik (Cpl) 2013年7月27日 10時05分 
Ok, just I must wait the end of my loading ! and after I will say you !
By Darkness 2013年7月27日 12時08分 
Ok ..
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