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Mystican (Заблокований) 26 лип 2013 о 15:31
Where have they all gone?
Over the last few days I've noticed a serious decline in advance and expert L4D2 games being created on STEAM. I wonder if this has anything to do with the over the top, rediculous difficulty settings that Valve has introduced? Also, for pretty much the first time ever since the game came out, I have not been able to complete one campain with a group of people, on expert. That's saying something, I think. And no it's not saying that I suck, for all you ready to pounce flamers out there. People are just giving up and quiting in frustration, because they see how stupid and futile it is to try and complete. The most obvious thing that I've notice is the double and triple SI attacks taking place, then followed right up with another double SI attack right after...and an all of a sudden hoard from out of nowhere. If everyone doesn't die at that point, they're going to in the next encounter. Your motivation runs out pretty quickly when you start to see that the odds are so stacked against you, that you start to say "Meh...frack it, lets go play something else." Not a good way to push your game forward fellas. Now watch...all the replies will be from people saying how easy the game is, and how I suck, and how great they are, but wish that their weapons were a bit more nerfed. Pfft
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