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TopGuN167 2013년 7월 24일 오전 7시 24분
I need some friends to play l4d2 with :-(
so I just started playing this game and need some ppl to play with, you don't have to be the best, just have to be down to work together I guess
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Frigolaus SVK 2013년 7월 24일 오전 11시 38분 
Add me to your firends if you want , I'm in CET time zone , whenever I'm online just write We can play :)
Sh0KyStE3L 2013년 7월 24일 오전 11시 41분 
If you have any gift i will play with you :D
Darkrulerjoe 2013년 7월 24일 오후 3시 26분 
I'm looking for people to play with as well, Just add me and we can play when ever we both can :D
MunkeyThrust 2013년 7월 24일 오후 4시 18분 
The Munkey only plays campaign, if that's your thing let's do it!
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