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H.I.M. 2013年7月23日下午9:04
Who're your favorite characters?
List them from one to eight and give reasons if you'd like.

1. Coach
2. Francis
3. Nick
4. Louis
5. Bill
6. Ellis
7. Zoey
8. Rochelle.
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ibex 2013年7月23日下午9:33 
all of the l4d1 characters just because they're great and have really clever lines.
Shooteroid 2013年7月23日下午9:53 
I agree.L4D1 characters were created by Turtle Rock Studios much better than Valve's L4D2 team.I respect Bill, sometimes played as a Zoey,but since my girlfriend left me I don't use Zoey's skin anymore.Bill,Bill,Bill.
8.Francis (clishe type,vulgar image 4 me ,pfff((( :-))
最后由 Shooteroid 编辑于; 2013年7月23日下午9:58
Stefanonimo 2013年7月24日上午5:39 
L4D1 have the best characters.
My favourite is Bill. I play always as Bill.
My favourite L4D2 character is Ellis.
Grund 2013年7月24日上午8:03 
Zoey and Nick
AnkiTrin 2013年7月24日下午12:23 
Rochelle and zoey :D i always play them :)
Louis. He has high hopes for making it out alive.
Keshi 2013年7月24日下午3:04 
Definitely Louis, he's by far my favorite!
MunkeyThrust 2013年7月24日下午4:19 
Which ever one I get to be, don't matter as long as I get to shoot zombies.
Stairs 2013年7月24日下午4:24 
1. Ellis
2. Zoey
3. Bill
4. Coach
5. Francis
6. Nick
7. Louis
8. Rochelle.

It's hard because I love all of 'em.
legume 2013年7月24日下午4:28 
1. Ellis
2. Zoey
3. Bill
4. Francis
5. Coach
6. Rochelle
7. Louis
8. Nick

I love them all but Ellis is by far my favorite!
Fletch 2013年7月24日下午4:47 
1 man cheeseburger apocalypse
Godot 2013年7月24日下午7:30 
Twistr495 2013年7月24日下午10:20 
I like coach, my friend always refers to him as chocolate daddy after seeing him eating chocolate in one of the cutscenes
Trowzerkoff 2013年11月9日下午11:57 
1. Zoey - by a long country mile, easily the most admirable persona. A GODESS!
2. Bill - close behind - a memorable character for all the right reasons. Zoey's alter ego.

3. Nick - the stand out in L4D2 - class by himself - top shelf

4. Ellis - too cartoonish, but he sortta works
5. Francis - also ran but has good lines

6. Louis - also ran tail ender interchangeable with Rochelle.
7. Rochelle - tail ender - weird character - can't relate

8. Coach - worse than Rochelle - invisible man
Charlie 2013年11月10日上午12:22 
Coach, he has a great laugh.
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