Prettiest Prettiest Stitches 22. heinä, 2013 0.55
Mod Help required.
I recently installed both parts of the Deathwing Campaign mod and when i lauch it and it loads completely but says it requires consistency of the hunter model and i revert to the main menu, how do i gain Consistency!
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Cavebob Spongeman 22. heinä, 2013 8.28 
If you want to gain consistency, disable any Hunter addons you may have.

If you want to say "sod that" and play with your mods, type "sv_consistency 0" without quotes into the developer console. That will fix the problem on any single-player game.
Prettiest Prettiest Stitches 22. heinä, 2013 12.21 
Thanks, huge help with my normal campaign mode, it didn't work before! it didnt solve my mod but i got it working. Cheers
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