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BigJeffy 2013년 7월 20일 오후 1시 03분
L4D2 Crashing
When i'm playing l4d2 it randomly just crashes at some points. The scren goes to black and I have to ctrl, alt, delete to close it by windows task manager. Its nothing to do with my computer as the specs are more than good enough (Graphics card Nvidia GeForce GTX 660) Anybody offer any help?
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RΞV [A] SuperBooM 2013년 7월 20일 오후 1시 23분 
do you run GeForce Experience
argh! 2013년 7월 20일 오후 1시 32분 
It's a problem who started two days before with a Steam Client update, you are not the only and other Valve games are being affected too and still no response of any Dev or admin (like Chet). Check this thread
argh!님이 마지막으로 수정; 2013년 7월 20일 오후 1시 34분
BigJeffy 2013년 7월 20일 오후 1시 47분 
no its been happening for a couple months but i only started l4d2 recently so i thought i should try to sort it out, and yeah I run that
Dorreah 2013년 7월 30일 오후 10시 54분 
Try to delete your game/ go to folder steam/ find folder with deleted game/ delete all/ try to instal it again. It helped me :)
BigJeffy 2013년 8월 1일 오후 2시 16분 
I think the problem i had was a charcter mod i had downloaded from the workshop, as my when my friend downloaded the mod his did the same after a couple of hours. I uninstalled the mod and now it is fine! :)
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