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creativity 2013年7月20日 5時00分
What is the thing with the random russian(?) posts lately?
^Topic title^

I'm just wondering.
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$troker@ce 2013年7月20日 6時37分 
Я понятия не имею, что вы говорите.

MystMan 2013年7月20日 7時21分 
What's so random about them? People all over the world play Steam games. You will see posts in Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, French. These are all languages spoken by the core group players of all Steam games.

L4D2 just happens to be quite popular and thus have more international language topics. Just because English is the international language doesn't mean everybody has to use it all the time. Some people just want to talk amongst their countrymen.
Intellectual Poultry 2013年7月20日 10時13分 
So what if other nationalities enjoy L4D2, it's a good game that anyone from any where can find entertaining. :D
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