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Tsuna361 2013年7月14日下午10:04
Can i edit the in mod names and icon?
I was wondering if there was someway i could rename my mods so they wouldnt be so confusing to pick in the add-ons menu?
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Zombie Ninja 2013年7月15日上午3:17 
yes. what you will need is a program called gcfscope. secondly, you will need to download authoring tools in the tools section. once you have gotten those two programs, you will need to search in c:\program files (86x)\steam\steamapps\common\ left 4dead 2\ bin and search for an application named vpk. make a shortcut of that program for easier access. afterwards, open up the vpk you wish to alter with gcfscope, and search for one of two possible things.

drag the root file onto your desktop, look for A. resource section for closecaption_English.txt ( this is for in-game names such as a toon name) or B. addoninfo.txt (this is for the mods section where the author names and descriptions show up).

once you have made whatever alterations you like, drag the root file ( at this point, you should rename the root into an easily recognizable name) onto the vpk app shortcut. once you've done that, then q vpk should show up on your desktop. drag said vpk onto add-ons file of left for dead 2 and valla. modified vpk with easy to recognize names and customization.
Tsuna361 2013年7月15日上午6:59 
Thanks that helped. How can I add a picture to the skin. For example changing the coach picture to look like Sora from kingdom hearts
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